When it comes to pet furniture we simply must have the best for our furry friends.  Dog and cat owners around the globe want excellent quality products for their beloved companions and are looking for comfort, function, and style when it comes to choosing the right furniture for their pets.

     Pet furniture comes in a variety of shapes and forms.  There are sofa dog beds, pet steps, and crates that blend in with your living room décor.  Sofa beds range in style from comfy/cozy to sheer elegance with the look of belonging in a palace.  What you choose will depend on your style and taste.  Pet owners that are going for a “Paris Hilton” look will likely go for a pink and purple chaise lounge that sparkles when the light shines on it through the window.  Other pet owners are much more inclined to go for the sofa dog bed that complements their existing couch and loveseat.  Whatever their desire is, they are likely to find the right sofa dog bed with very little searching. 

Round Dog Beds Rectangular Dog Beds Oval Dog Beds
Precision Snoozzy Simply Suede Berber Reversible Pillow Donut Bed 27" Circle Olive Green Plush Bed
Orthopedic Dog Beds House-Shaped Dog Beds Sofa Dog Beds
Orthopedic Bed Superior House-Shaped Bed for Your Toy Dogs Off-White Faux Leather Couch

     Pet steps are a common accessory in many homes, especially for smaller dogs who have a hard time jumping up to their desired destination.  Pet steps are also used for loading up our best buddies into a truck or car for a trip to the park or store.  However, pet ramps are most common for that type of function.  As with sofa dog beds, pet steps can be found in various styles and colors.  Typically, an owner of a Maltese, for example, will acquire an upholstered wooden pet step that matches their bedroom furniture if they want their little girl to cuddle up with them at night.  Other steps are made of just wood or plastic and serve the same function.  Just like with orthopedic dog beds, pet steps are wonderful for elderly pets and those with some kind of physical ailment.  Keeping a dog or cat comfortable and away from any kind of pain or danger would be the goal in purchasing this type of pet furniture. 

     Another common type of pet furniture is the crate.  Crates can be found in a plethora of styles and colors, ranging from a simple metal crate found at your local pet store to a stained wooden crate that doubles as an end table next to your couch.  The latter serves as a nice addition to your family room without taking up extra space.  It blends right in and wouldn’t even be noticeable were it not for the playful barks coming from underneath.  Since crates are used for different reasons, the type of crate you purchase will depend on your needs.  If your dog is enclosed in the crate during the night you will want to make sure you have comfortable bedding at the bottom of the crate.  This goes for the daytime as well if your little one will be spending hours in it at a time.  Be sure to include your dog's favorite dog toys so she doesn't get bored or lonely.   Chewable dog toys such as bones or indestructible rubber balls will serve this purpose best.  Check the label and make sure it can endure hours of biting without crumbling into tiny pieces.  Also, make sure it is safe for your pet.

     There is a variety of other types of pet furniture as well:  house-shaped dog beds, cat trees, litter boxes, pet gates, and pet entertainment centers.  House-shaped dog beds are comfortable beds that are fully enclosed with a soft roof.  Many of the house-shaped beds are designed for cats or the smaller breed of dogs.  We all know how much cats enjoy climbing cat trees that are made especially for them.  They can be adventurous and get all their scratching out of their system.  Litter boxes are a necessity for the indoor-only cat.  As with crates, litter boxes can be disguised as end tables or other common household furniture.  There are a variety of pet gates on the market now.  They range from wood, to plastic, to metal.  They also vary in height.  If you have a little guy that likes to climb you will need to be sure to get a gate with not too many horizontal bars.  If your dog simply can hurdle over the gate you will need to be sure to get the tallest one you can.  Pet owners can have fun shopping for their favorite little ones (or big in some cases) with just a little searching on the web.